motorway with number
trunk road with number
international road - numbered
1st category road - numbered
2nd category road - numbered
3rd category road, main street
other passable roads and streets; parking
one-way street; no entry
two-way cycling in a one way street
road with no entry by car sight
street and paved area in private compound
made road; dirt road
tunnel; underpass
stoplight; roundabouts
highway exit number
road under construction or planned
passageway, passage; stairs
railway tunnel
titled station; train stop; closed train stop
railway without public transport or railroad siding
closed railway
railway under construction
cable car
lift trucks
ski lift
bobsleigh and toboggan run
deer fence
power line with voltage
forest; dwarf mountainpine
vineyards; hop-field; orchard
golf course; gardens and built-up areas (common, public, church)
industrial area with building; quarry
cemetery; sports field
1st zone of the national park, natural reserve or monument
borders of the national park and protected Landscape
natural park border
protective zone of a water tank with restricted entry
memorable or significant alley
military area border
state border
river (with weir); pass; cargo boat route; stream
bridge; technical bridge
water area; swamp
tidalflat; reef
episodic water surface; episodic river
seasonal stream; underground stream
marked hiking trails; tourist signpost
local signage
nature trail
scale of the hiking routes according to SAC classification: easy (T1); mountain hike (T2-T3); alpine hiking (T4-T6)
marked and titled cycling route; cycling signpost
marked trail according to Czech and Slovak color coding
cycling path
singletrack, singletrail
route for wheelchair users with color coding
via ferrata, secured route
named peak with specified height; the names of ridges and valleys
contour lines
rocks; boulders and stone fields
bare rocks, scree
significant rocks and stones; drilling (oil, gas); fountain
heavy fortification object; light fortification object
monument or statue; cross, wayside shrine, chapel
bus stop number
gate number at the airport

Abbreviations (Czech Republic and Slovakia map)

ČOVindustrial water treatment
ČSSZ, OSSZCzech Social Security Administration
DDMchildren and youth centre
DPSnursing home
revenue service
FVEphotovoltaic power station
gymn.gymnasium (school)
CHKOlandscape park
CHAprotected area
KHSRegional Public Health Authority
kot.boiler house
LDNchronic disease hospital
municipal authority (in the city or town)
MVEsmall hydro power plant
NCHnature trail (in Slovakia)
NPPnational natural monument
NPRnational nature reserve
NPnational park
NSnature trail
municipal authority
PPnatural monument
PRnature reserve
rozhl.observation tower
SOŠsecondary technical school
SOUsecondary vocational school
SPŠsecondary technical school
secondary school
ÚPlabour office
vých. lyž. stop.starting point of skiing trails
vdj.water tower
vod. n., v. n.water reservoir
zahr., zahr. osada:allotment garden
ZDagricultural cooperative
primary school
ZUŠart and music school